An unconventional members-only club for the constantly curious.

It's your workspace, your gym, your neighborhood bar and your new social network.

Wellness Features

Group Fitness Classes
Spiritual Well-being
Yoga Classes
Community Festivals
State of the Art Equipment

Past Events

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Frequently Asked

Do I have to be a resident to enjoy the X Club offerings?

Nope! Club memberships can be purchased by non-residents.

Is my partner allowed to use my membership?

Your partner may come as your guest, but if they want to come on their own they would need to be a member.

How do I RSVP for events and fitness classes?

You will have access to our full event and fitness calendars on the X App. You will be able to RSVP for yourself and your guests.

What are the amenities for members?

All Members enjoy access to X Club’s membership directory, live & digital programming and events, communal spaces, fitness center, event spaces, conference rooms, member perks, food and beverage offerings, and WiFi.

What does the event schedule look like?

Weekly events will be programmed on-site (and online) for residents and members. Event categories include health + wellness, professional development, entertainment/art/music and community.