A community for the constantly curious.

X Denver 1A

Phoenix high-rise apartment building with mid-level amenity deck
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X Phoenix logo


506 beds
Opening this summer!

X Denver 1A

Denver high-rise apartment building with mid-level amenity deck
Amenity deck view of XD2, with residents enjoying the pool
Resident lobby of XD2, with residents relaxing on sofas
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X D2 logo

Arapahoe Square, Denver

641 beds
Opening June 2023

X Denver 1A

Exterior view of X Houston, a luxury high rise development in the Museum District
Exterior view of the X Houston amenity deck, with residents lounging poolside
Interior view of the X Houston resident lounge and coworking space, with residents sitting on steps
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X Houston logo

Museum District

646 beds
Opening Summer 2024

X Denver 1A

Exterior view of X Tampa, a luxury high rise apartment development in downtown Tampa
Aerial view of the X Tampa amenity deck, with residents lounging poolside
Interior view of a church that has been turned into a music and event venue
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540 beds
Opening Fall 2024

X Denver 1A

Exterior view of X Oakland, a luxury high rise apartment development in Uptown Oakland
X Oakland rooftop view, with residents lounging poolside
X Oakland coworking space with residents socializing on sofas and working at community desks
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260 beds
Opening Winter 2024
The Rooftop Lounge
THE Cocktail Bar
The Locker rooms
The club at X

A new kind of social club.

An unconventional members-only club for the constantly curious. It's your workspace, your gym, your neighborhood bar and your new social network.


A combination of private offices, work tables, and plenty of other work spaces. Hustle the way you want when you want.

Your full-service rooftop pool bar and restaurant. Views included.

Find everything from daily fitness and wellness classes like boxing and meditation to state-of-the-art equipment and private locker rooms.

X is an unconventional social club. It's your new network, work space, yoga studio, and neighborhood bar. Sign a lease and it's your home base too.

The X Company is the real estate development and operations team behind X — the first and largest branded network of member clubs and private residences in the country. The X Co. is currently active in six markets, with 5,000 beds in the current portfolio and over $1B in construction activity. X Co. is unique in that it is fully integrated — able to acquire, design, build, and operate its real estate assets, as well as manage its growing member network and brand.

X offers its members professional-quality workspace to rival any coworking space and support the growing work from home segment; a state-of-the-art gym and fitness studio designed around class-based fitness activation, and attainable apartments including private residences and coliving suites.

In short, X Co. exists to improve the way we interact.

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Core Values

Life's better with company.

Put the team above the individual and the community above the member. Working as a team is far more effective than merely working on a team, and more fun.

Elephants, not rabbits.
A lovely elephant.

Go big or go home. Keep the end goal in mind, focus on what’s most important. Results speak for themselves

Feed the fish.
A simple fish.

If a task needs to get done, however minor, do it. Everyone here is a janitor. Mastery of small tasks can lead to mastery of big tasks. Wax on, wax off.

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Aspirational Values

Aspirational Values

Everyone is connected.

We win together, we lose together. The Butterfly effect is real. The more we understand what everyone is doing and the more we can help each other, the more we can compound the wins and minimize the losses.

Go to war with the army you have.

Make your best strategic decision based on your current resources and circumstances. Don’t hesitate. Move quickly. Connect along the way.

Find your time zone.

Work and life should not be contradictory forces. Both are about growth. Use work as a tool to build the life you want to live every day and expand your horizons. Time is our most precious resource; you need to spend it to make it.

Prove it.

Use data to structure and communicate your ideas. Challenge others to do the same.


Throw everything you’ve got at what’s in front of you and leave it on the court every day. Make stuff! If you don’t make stuff, there is no stuff.